Dani Joy's Favorite Workshops 

(more available upon request)

Strumming with DYnaMics! 

Level 1

Learn how to use the all-important skill of practicing dynamics with some right hand techniques to alter the volume control and attack of the strings. We will explore how to add hypnotizing accompaniment to soloists, spice things up by cruisin’ on the trebly side, bring it down with low, supportive tones & practice muting chords to add a pop!

Numbers and letters in music, OH MY! 

Level 1

It’s ok Dorothy, Dani Joy will take your hand and lead you through the mysteries of the Nashville Number System (Do Re Mi…. 1 2 3…) Understanding how notes are grouped into scales with adjoining “scale degrees” or “numbers” will open up the world of music to you. Finally you can join the jam of “one four five” chord songs your friends are always talking about. With a little practice, you’ll soon be clicking your metaphorical heels and chanting “There’s no place like Do”!.

Articulated Strumming ; Harvest Moon

Level 1-2

Ok, you can strum now but why doesn’t your strumming sound like the pros? 

In this class you will learn the kinetic movements necessary to manipulate the strings into a symphony of sound, along with a little strengthening of barre chords on the left hand for tight control. You’ll come away with a classy strum, honed listening skills and a beautiful song to show off your new skills. We’ll even cover Neil’s iconic riff to add that extra sparkle. 

Jam Cards Paperless Jam- Basic Music Theory

Level 1-2

Would you rather play music by sight or by heart?

Music is an audible language and you were born with a set of skills that you may not have used in some time do to the bossy eyes. Get off the page and into the m usic in this fun and exhilarating class with Dani Joy.

Memorize Stand by Me

Level 1-2

If all goes to plan, you will leave this class with some tricks to help you memorize Ben E. Kings hit Stand By Me. Lyrics, chord progression and a simple forward-driving, back-beat strum will be played in repetition, challenging you to recall the lyric que’s and keep your hands moving. You can then take your tools and begin memorizing your favorite songs!

The Sunshine & the Cloud of Every Key

Level 1-2

Have you ever heard a performer say “This next song is in the key of C, well ‘technically’ it’s Am, but… you know….same thing.” Same thing?! Then why call it something different?! 

In this beginner workshop Dani Joy will introduce you to “The Relatives”. Two sides of the same key, sharing the exact same DNA (i.e. scale) while eliciting 2 dramatically different emotional reponses from the listener. Through the classic song Blue Skies, you will finally understand how two keys can be the same and also very different. Now you’ll be the one in the audience to smile and nod with understanding.

3-String Chords

Level 2

Protect your hands from strain as you learn 6 easy ways to play a C, Am, F & G. Dani Joy will guide students through 4 sections of the ukulele neck to reveal how a simple C Am F G can be found and played all over the ukulele neck. This technique will open up worlds for soloing and alternate chord voicings, adding sparkle and depth to your arrangements. *Especially recommended for students with arthritis.

Changes - Not a 12 Barre Blues

Level 2

Blues is one of the most commonly loved and understood forms of music for a reason; it helps us express some of the deepest feeling in our hearts. Join Dani Joy for this simple workshop where we’ll break down Charles Bradley’s version of Black Sabbaths song “Changes”. You’ll learn some simple chords up the neck, a little fundamental chordal walk down and leave with a deeper understanding of how to express yourself through one of America’s most beloved musical languages; the blues! 

Just My Imagination Intro & Chords

Level 2

This Motown class is easy to memorize and something to keep in your back pocket when it’s your turn to lead a jam session. Two chords (mostly) and a beautiful intro that is played in first position which includes a simple slide, hammer-ons and pull-offs on just one string. And ooh boy, when you open with that riff you’ll be able to hear a pin drop!

Wild World Cat Stevens Chord Melody Solo

Level 2-3

Looking for a song to obsess over to the point of OVER practicing? (Is there such a thing?) Cat Steven’s song Wild World is just the thing. This upbeat song covers a wide range of the fretboard while never holding down all 4 strings at once. You’ll learn to blend chord and melody, play some partial chords, open voicings and a handy little scale walk down in the middle. Soon you’ll have another fun little song to add to your one-person band.