Perry Stauffer's Ukulele and Bass Workshops 

(more available upon request)


Travis Picking on the Ukulele
Level 2 

In this inspiring class, you'll both hone your finger-picking skills AND learn a timeless classic. Using Bob Dylan's, "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright," as a musical canvas, you'll explore the fundamentals of the Travis Picking technique.

Ten Classic Swing Endings
Level 2 

Song endings are absolutely critical to a great presentation of a song. In this workshop, we'll learn ten of them.  We’ll also learn a trick to turn any ending into a great turnaround.

These endings are great for both blues and jazz, as well as vintage country and western swing.

Skills and Concepts:
   Classic Swing Endings
   Converting an Ending to a Turnaround
   Ending set-up phrases
   The Nashville Number System

Finger-style Blues 101
Levels 1-2 
Low-G preferred
Finger-style blues is contagiously fun and sounds great on the ukulele! In this class we’ll unlock some of the secrets of the style. We will look at chord structuring and finger picking patterns. And time permitting, we’ll add some melodic vocabulary with some vintage riffs that fit perfectly with our new blues repertoire.
Areas of Focus:
Enhanced blues chord structure
Reusable progressions
Finger-picking patterns

Ukulele Jazz - Introduction to Jazz Manouche (Gypsy Jazz)
Baritone AND Regular Ukulele
Level 2

Learn to jam gypsy jazz style! This music is both fun and perfect for the ukulele. First we'll learn the essential "La Pompe" strumming pattern combined with Manouche-style shell chords to capture the Manouche style of rhythm. Then, we'll learn how to use the harmonic minor scale to create Manouche melodies the way Django would have done it if he had played the ukulele.

Areas of Focus:
Manouche strumming pattern(s)
Shell voicings
Melodic ideas with the harmonic minor scale

Ear Training - Play what you hear! 
Level 1-2 

When listening to music, have you ever found yourself making up a melody with your voice? It's pretty easy with your voice, but when you try to do the same thing with your ukulele, the results are probably far from commensurate. If you have ever longed to create melodies on the ukulele as freely as you would with your voice, then this class is for you!

Areas of Focus:
Playing what you hear
The ear to fingerboard connection
Limitation Exercises

Vintage Country Blues / “All Claw, no Hammer” 
Level 1-2 - Low-G preferred

Dive into vintage blues with one of the earliest forms of the blues, the "country blues". 
To play this style, you'll learn a clawhammer-like fingerstyle approach
called the "three-finger" pinch. You will also learn the "flat tire" rhythm, and
some cool country blues riffs.

Chord Study: A Six-Pack to Go 
Level 1-2

Hank Thompson made this song famous in 1966. Since then, it’s been a favorite of the Honky-Tonk and Western Swing scene. It’s got great lyrics, a cool chord progression and is guaranteed to get your toe a-tappin’. And here's the kicker: you'll learn to play this song using just two chord shapes!

Skills and Concepts:
  Swing rhythm
  The back-beat shuffle strum
  Secondary Dominants 
  The I-VI7-II7-V7 turnaround
  The Nashville Number System

Perry's Grab Bag of Riffs
Level 2 

Expand your riff vocablulary with a full etude worth of blues and swing riffs. Along the way you will learn how to work with motifs and counterpoint to tell a story when improvising on a blues progression.

Skills and Concepts:
   Target notes and enclosures 
   Quotes and Motifs
   The parallel major/minor

The Closed Chord Cookbook
Level 2

This is it! we’re finally going todrill down on closed chords, using Perry’s Closed Cookbook. We’ll learn the shapes and transitions we need to navigate a jazz chart, and we’ll apply our new knowledge across several songs. Along the way we’ll also learn about chord construction, chord spelling, inversions, suspensions and extensions. It’ll be challenging, but it'll also be a hoot!

Areas of Focus:
Closed chord shapes
Smooth chord transitions
Shell Chords and inversions
Upper extensions


Bass 101 - The Basics
Levels 0 and up

So you just got a bass and you don't know what to do. In this class, you will learn everything you need to know for your first jam session. You'll learn the major scale and the Roots and Fifths that go with it. Roots and fifths are the most common and most crucial bass-line building blocks. Once you learn these, you'll be able to follow a chord chart and play along with your ukulele friends. 

Bass 102 - Intermediate half-notes and easy walking bass
Levels 1 

You've completed bass 101, or have been playing bass a while and you know your roots and fifths in a few keys. Enhance your bass lines by adding thirds, scale tones and chromatic approach notes along with some walking bass strategies.

Bass 103 - Rhythmic Vocabulary
Level 1 

In bass 103, you will move beyond half and quarter note lines to learn the rhythmic vocabulary of rock, pop, funk and Latin rhythms.